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The BetUSA Java casino offers a fun range of games for all tastes and skill levels for you to promote to your visitors.

We offer the most popular games including:

We offer huge progressive jackpots on Carib Stud and slot machines – they are usually between $200,000 and $400,000 but sometimes get as high as $1 million. And players do win them – we payout big jackpots every month to our players.

We also have exciting Virtual games such as ‘Virtual Derby’ and ‘Super HiLo’.

It’s easy for your users to play our Casino games – no download is required but they can download full and ‘lite’ versions of the software if they choose. 

We encourage new customers to play for real by offering $30 cash if they download our casino.

We offer full technical and customer support to all of our casino players meaning we have happy, loyal customers!

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